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Super Absorbent Pet Doormat

Super Absorbent Pet Doormat

Super Absorbent Pet Doormat

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This Miracle Door Mat will keep your house clean after your pet comes back home!

A MUST-HAVE DOOR MAT FOR PET OWNERS!  The Magic Pet Mat was designed with an extra-absorbent top layer that traps mud and moisture from muddy boots and paws, helping you to keep unwanted debris off of your floors! The mat measures ''85 x 65 x 3 cm" and is a perfect choice for any space in your home that is vulnerable to dirt and moisture, such as mud rooms, entryways, and garages.

SO PLUSH AND COMFORTABLE ON PAWS: While our door mat’s primary purpose is to provide your floors with an extra layer of protection, it is also plush and soft enough for bare feet and paws! The thick, plush pile is luxurious and will shield your feet from cold floors, and is comfortable enough to be used as a bath rug! Plus, the mat is stylish! Choose from a variety of colors to complement your existing home décor.

ULTRA PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION Our door mats were designed to last! The strong and sturdy underside on the mats features durable TP Rubber backing (not PVC or glue), helping it to stay in place on your floors! WARNING: Place mat on CLEAN DRY SMOOTH FLOOR only. Water under mat can cause it to slip. Keep bottom of mat dry.

MACHINE WASH AND DRY: These mats are made to make your busy life easier, which is why we designed them to be machine washed and dried! Simply machine wash on cold with gentle detergent (no bleach) and tumble dry on low heat. Your mat can be washed time and time again and will come out looking as good as new each time! 


**Due to an increase in Social Media attention, this Super Absorbent Pet Doormat is high in demand. Please allow up to 7 days for delivery**