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Rechargable Air Purifier AWOZONE™

Rechargable Air Purifier AWOZONE™

Rechargable Air Purifier AWOZONE™

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Keep your home free from bad smells and germs!

A rechargeable, portable ozone generator that disinfects and cleans the air, maintaining a germ-free and odour-free environment.


This air ozoniser is particularly effective in enclosed and small spaces, such as bedrooms, cupboards, store rooms, shoe cupboards, larders, bathrooms, cars, fridges, etc.

An easy and economical way to refresh the air in small spaces. It also needs very little maintenance, as it does not require cleaning after use.

Ozoniser takes the air in your surroundings and transform the oxygen into ozone, providing effective pollutant-free cleaning that respects the environment.

Product specifications :

  • USB load: includes USB to micro USB cable
  • Eco-friendly: Free of chemical and toxic products
  • Anti-bacterial
  • 2 disinfection programmes

This product cannot be purchased in stationary stores!