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Belly Burning Slim Patch BePATCH™(PACK OF 5)

Belly Burning Slim Patch BePATCH™(PACK OF 5)

Belly Burning Slim Patch BePATCH™(PACK OF 5)

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The answer to people who want to lose weight but have no time working out! 

Perfect for achieving a firm and flat stomach. These adhesive patches are revolutionising the market thanks to their effective and innovative formula based on herbs and natural ingredients. 

There is no restriction on your everyday routine while the patch is attached to your tummy. Burn fat while continuing to your usual lifestyle. Burn fat while in your office, swimming or just showering.



Simply stick the patch on the abdominal area, ensuring first that the skin is clean and dry.

The sticky part of the patch contains active substances which penetrate into the body through the skin and burns the fat. 

It stabilizes the metabolism in the body eliminating cellulite and improves the elimination of toxins and waste.

It is recommended that the patch is used every 2 days for between 4 and 6 hours, depending on the type of skin (never for more than 8 hours). It is not advisable to use it every day.


Product specifications :

  • 5 discreet, easy-to-use, unisex adhesive patches
  • Active ingredients: Sophoricoside, Capscin, Catechin, Salicorina Herbacea
  • Safe, comfortable and simple method with no side effects
  • Suitable for reducing fat in the abdominal area
  • Approx. dimensions of each patch: 31 x 18 cm


The product cannot be purchased in stationary stores!